Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's all for you. ~

Paul's Jewelers in the Oil Center did an amazing job on MawMaw's rings. When Dad and I got there and saw them, all I could say was "Wow!" They are so beautiful. They sparkle! The man helping us smiled and said, "That's the reaction we hope for." They were all so nice there!

I can't wait to give Mom the one on the right on Sunday. I'm wearing the left one right now. And I cannot say how much joy I feel in my heart when I look down at my hand and see the ring. To think that PawPaw gave MawMaw this ring on their wedding day, 62 years ago, means so much! I hope MawMaw will feel as honored, that we'll be wearing her rings, as we will be feeling wearing them. ♥

Must I?

I can't always be waiting,
... waiting on you.
I can't always be playing,
... playing your fool. ♪


I think it's time I start expressing to people how I feel if/when they've hurt my feelings. I've made it very easy for people to break their promises to me. And even easier for them to have no disregard about doing it. Why? Because, I'm "easy going." I don't get mad. "It's ok!!! :o)" is my line -- always said with a smile, of course.

Newsflash: I'm not a puppet. So, don't treat me like one. Please.

/First ever rant entry.