Monday, April 19, 2010

Jessie's bridal shower~

... was fantastic!!! I'm so happy with how everything turned out. We were worried about the chance of rain, during the party, the night before. But, praise God -- He held the rain off until long after the party was over!! We had lots of good food, played games and laughed, and Jessie got lots of great gifts! :o)

It was a great chance for both families (the girls, anyway) to get together. I feel like we're one big family already. Everyone is so excited about the wedding. Aunt Cindy asked me if I was asked, again, to be someone's maid of honor and be in charge of planning another bridal shower -- would I? I quickly said yes and she said I didn't even hesitate in answering. I really would. But, I know that I will never have the chance to be the maid of honor for someone as close to me as Jessie ... (unless Mom and Dad would ever renew their vows. Then, I'd be Mom's maid of honor! =p)

Yes, I have close school friends whom I know very well. But, who can honestly say they've known and been close to someone for their ENTIRE lives? From the very beginning? Siblings can. But, not even all siblings stay as close as Jessie and I have. I feel very blessed to have been able to plan yesterday for her. It was worth every minute of work. :o) I'm very grateful to Mom and Dad. They have helped throughout the whole shower planning process every step of the way. And I'm very grateful to everyone who came yesterday. They all played a part in making the afternoon very special.

All in all, it was a great day! Everyone left with smiles on their faces. I mean, what better reaction from your party guests could you ask for? :o) Will post pictures soon!

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  1. Everyone I've talked to said they had a great time! I know I did for sure! =D